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Valerie Doyon - Owner of Nature's Body ArtIn 1998 I started working in the body art business, then opened a shop in Rockport Massachusetts called Soulstice. 

  I started only using henna leaves for tattoos which create various shades of brown that last about two weeks. Though henna has a great color customers consistently requested for a natural black dye.

  Dangerous black colors that contained hair dyeing chemicals such as PPD flooded the market creating a nationwide warning about “Black Henna” and the skin reactions people were having. Natural Henna is only brown and some companies went to the extent of adding these chemical dyes in order to create the black color and still called it henna.

  In 2005 I heard from the Peace Corps about a tribe in Central America that uses Jagua (an edible fruit) for temporary black tattoos. I was intrigued and determined to find a solution so I decided to go there and learn more about it.

  I traveled for a few months and spent time in the Darien Jungle with the Embera tribe to learn about their culture and use of this fruit. Since then I have formed a relationship with several different villages and families throughout the region and have developed a fair trade opportunity. I pay each individual for the collection of fruits as well as the men/women of the villages for their beautiful handmade masks, baskets, plates and Tagua nut carvings.

  I work with other fair trade resources the region as well to insure that I can always have a fresh supply of Jagua available to customers throughout the year.

  Nature’s Body Art is the first company to sell Jagua in the U.S. and has now become the largest distributor here as well.

  Jagua gel, paint and the pure juice is available. Whether you are testing a tattoo before getting it permanently or just having fun, henna and Jagua are great natural dyes to use!

  Thank you for visiting my website and hopefully I will see you sometime in my retail shop where you can find a variety of artisans’ work as well as get a hand painted tattoo!

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Soulstice artists are also available for your next event, offering Jagua/Henna tattoos as well as hair wraps!!! Please call 781-589-8230 for more information



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