Jagua FAQs

What is Jagua?

Jagua is a temporary tattoo product that colors the skin a blue-black color for approximately 2 weeks. Jagua comes from the Genipa Americana tree, which can be found in the jungles of South America. Jagua has been used for body ornamentation and medicinal purposes by the indigenous people of the Amazon for centuries.

Is Jagua the same as "black henna"?

No. Jagua is an all natural fruit based product. Black henna is not only NOT natural, but it doesn't even necessarily contain henna. Black henna is made using PPD (para-phenylendediamine), which is a potentially dangerous chemical using black hair dye. Black henna has been the cause of many adverse reactions, ranging from rashes, chemical burns, permanent scarring and long term health problems. We have never and will never sell or use black henna in our store. The jagua and henna we make and sell are 100% natural and we guarantee it will always remain that way!

How does Jagua work?

Once it is applied to the skin, jagua takes approximately 20-30 minutes to dry. It will dry flat on the skin and should be left there for at least 3 hours. During this time, the top layers of skin are absorbing the jagua fruit juice extract. Once the gel is rinsed gently with water, there will be a faint darkening of the skin underneath. The areas of the skin that had the jagua gel on it will then darken over the next 8-10 hours due to the oxidation process, which will turn it black. The tattoo lasts approximately 2 weeks and the tattoo fades as the top layers of the skin naturally exfoliate.

Does it hurt to get a jagua tattoo?

No! The gel is applied to the top layer of the skin and it naturally will penetrate the skin.

Should I keep the jagua gel on my skin longer than the recommended time? Will that give me a darker tattoo?

It is not necessary to leave it on longer. The longer you leave it on, especially if it's late and you plan to go to sleep, the more likely you are to smudge it or have it transfer to another part of your body. Make sure to rinse it off well after.

Can I go swimming with a jagua tattoo?

It is not recommended to swim with a jagua tattoo as swimming will cause the skin to exfoliate faster, resulting in the tattoo fading quicker.

Are there any side effects to using jagua?

No. Due to it being a natural substance, the risk of a side effect is extremely low, however there is a small possibility of an allergic reaction, due to it being a fruit juice. We have safely sold our jagua to thousands of people and it has been dermatologically tested. If you have allergies to many fruits or have eczema, there is a slightly higher risk of a potential reaction. We suggest doing a small patch test if you are concerned about a possibly allergy or sensitivity.

What is the difference between jagua and henna?

Jagua is a fruit based gel and henna is a leaf based paste. Both work by staining the top layer of the skin and fading away as the skin exfoliates. Both are all natural products that are used for temporary tattooing/body art. They differ in that jagua stains the skin a blue-black color and henna stains the skin a maroon-brown color. 

Will this work the same on everyone? Will this work on dark skin?

Results can vary for everyone and the color of skin doesn't have much to do with that variance. The darkness of the stain can be affected by many things, such as body temperature, skin type, lifestyle, time of the month, etc. Two people can use the same jagua, the same way, and end up with different results. This is due to the many factors that come into play when dealing with an all natural substance and is not the fault of the jagua. If you didn't achieve the results you had hoped for, try going over the design with a second application.

Do certain parts of the body stain better?

Just like henna, jagua tends to stain the areas of the skin that are thicker, so elbows down to hands and knees down to feet tend to be the darkest staining areas.

Can I remove a tattoo quicker if I want it gone?

Since it stains the top layers of the skin, you can exfoliate with soap and a washcloth to speed up the process of natural skin exfoliation. It still may take a few days to completely disappear.

How can I get my tattoo to last as long as possible?

Many different situations can cause the tattoo to fade faster. Avoiding these situations will help prolong the tattoo. If you want the tattoo to last as long as possible, avoid swimming in the ocean or chlorinated pools, as well as avoiding hot tubs. Also, gently patting yourself with a towel when drying off will lessen the exfoliation of the skin after showering. We recommend applying a layer of an all natural balm before going into any type of water.

Is jagua safe for children and pregnant women?

Yes, it is all natural so it is safe for pregnant women and children.

What do I do if I don't use the whole bottle at once?

Squeeze the air out of the bottle and tighten the top. Store unused jagua in the freezer until ready to use.



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