Instructions for using Jagua

Jagua (Genipa americana) Instructions

Nature’s Body Art products have been created to compliment the Mehndi artists work with an alternative natural dye.

  • Clean the area of skin that you will be applying a design to using soap & water or diluted rubbing alcohol (alcohol ensures that you have removed dirt and oil on skin, allowing Jagua to have a better result).

  • Apply your design using the gel or paint form of Jagua. * Gel form: one solid line will create a dark color (this form is good for outlines).

  • Paint form: one thin layer creates a pale gray color, apply additional layers when you want to use the paint for darker shading.

  • The gel form dries in approximately 25-45 minutes. The paint dries in 10-15 minutes each depending on the amount applied and the atmospere (humid/damp/dry).

  • Leave the dried paint/gel on the skin for at least 2 hours (this time is necessary to ensure the darkest color possible). After this time, peel off the paste and gently wash with warm water to remove residue. (WARNING: the design may transfer to fabric, skin or other objects if not rinsed with water.)

  • The design will be pale gray color, it will darken over the next 6-10 hours.

  • Applying a protective all natural aftercare balm before any contact with water allows the design to last longer (do not use regular lotions, baby oil, vaseline, suntanning products, or any product containing alcohol, unless you want to remove the design). The Jagua fruit has a naturally active ingredient called Genipine. It is found within the unripe fruit and oxidizes on exposure to the air.


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