Jagua Products (dark blue/black tattoo color)

Jagua is a 100% natural dye that stains a blue-black color. 

*Lasts approximately two weeks on skin. 

*Derived from the Jagua (Genipa americana L) fruit tree of tropical America.

When the gel/paint form is applied to skin, dries, and is removed it leaves a light grey color and gradually darkens to a black color over a period of 6-10 hours. The black design will remain on skin for 8-15 days and disappears as the skin naturally exfoliates. When applied to porous material, jagua leaves a permanent blue-black color. Similar to henna, Jagua’s color is also darker on areas of the body with more layers of skin. Combining the two natural dyes adds a unique flair to temporary body art.

Jagua Products (dark blue/black tattoo color)

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