Wholesale Raw Powdered Jagua (dehydrated fruit) (nothing added)

Product Description

Each 10 gram bag makes 4 ounces of Jagua liquid extract (juice) 100 gram bag makes 40 ounces. SImply add water and if you want to thicken it add your ingredients like xanthan gum / henna powder and essential oils. Save money and buy in bulk knowing the powder has an extended shelf life. (Storage bottles, essential oils and applicators available here) 

 If you want a powder that will mix easily to a gel form,  order the powder that has xanthan gum. It is available in 10gram packaging that creates 4 ounces of gel (most popular) 

Amazing dark color. This extract is great to experiment with your own recipes

Product Features

  • Finely sifted
  • Easy to mix: 4 ounces of water per 10 grams. 
  • Powder shelf life is over 7 months!
  • Ingredients dehydrated Jagua fruit, that's it!
  • Empty bottles available for storage as well as applicator bottles

The unripe Jagua fruit (Genipa Americana L.) has been used for hundreds of years by the tribes of Central and South America for temporary body art, dying materials, and as a source of food when fully ripe. Our product contains no added dyes for the color, it is 100% natural.

  • Supports non profit in Darien jungle which helps natives in need
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