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Product Description

Our most popular product, ready to use, no mixing necessary. Ideal to achieve a dark blue/black color with one coat. Delicate line work may be achieved by dispensing the required amount of gel for the tattoo into an application cone or bottle with a fine tip.

Our bottles have a twist-top cap. Adapter cap (black twist top) and 3 tips are included with 20 ml and 30ml (one ounce) bottles. Instructional pamphlet included.  

Gel should be kept frozen when not using to maintain a quality stain.  Unrefrigerated gel has a shelf life of 20-30 days (could be longer) but best kept refrigerated. Frozen gel can last years.  

Discard top layer of gel in bottles if it turns brown from oxygen activating the dye.

 Simply paint design, allow to dry flat and then wash off gel after an additional 1-3 hours. Tattoo color will develop after several hours, humidity helps the dye to develop darker / faster since oxygen activates the fruit dye.


 Gel Orders being shipped outside of United States should choose Express shipping. (First class may take too long) Otherwise order our powdered Jagua which has over an 8 month shelf life unrefrigerated and can be shipped first class. You may choose


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