Event planning (hire a henna artist)

Visit the Soulstice Shop at One Tuna Wharf in Rockport, Mass or hire our artists for your next event!

Henna / Jagua Temporary Tattoo Painting for Childrens Parties


 Contact: Valerie at info@naturesbodyart.com or 781.589.8230 (call / text)

Our rate is $90 per hour

We have been spicing up events since 2002. Whether you are planning a birthday, graduation, wedding or just want to get together with some friends our artists can add a lot to your event! Since we are located in Rockport, Mass we like to keep the traveling within the North Shore area in general but please inquire for special occasions.

Henna / Jagua Temporary Tattoo Painting (ages 8+)(last 10-15 days)

We make our own natural dyes using organic henna leaves for the brown dye and our Jagua fruit juice for the blue/black dye which lasts 10-15 days. Each design is painted free hand we bring books with hundreds of designs or create your own personalized tattoo! We can paint a small tattoo within 2 minutes and larger pieces (whole hand and forearm) generally take 15-20 depending on the design. The dye takes 20-40 minutes to dry. We bring pamphlets on our products and aftercare instructions are provided for each person.

Glitter Tattoos (ages 2+)(last 5-7 days)

Face and Body Painting for Kids Parties




 These fantastic sparkly tattoos are mostly hand painted / stenciled and dry within 5-10 seconds which is perfect for the little ones. We use cosmetic grade glitter and water-resistant non-toxic body glue that lasts 3 to 6 days!

Face/Body paint (ages 2+)

We use quality cosmetic grade non-toxic face/body paint. Every kid loves the magic transformation of having their face painted as a butterfly, wildcat, fairy and more. Guaranteed to bring smiles.

Hair wraps (ages 4+)

Fun string art for your hair that last 2+ months. Each person chooses 3 string colors, 3 beads and a charm. We intricately wrap the string around a small braid of hair creating spirals and criss cross designs from the root to the bottom where we then add the beads and charm. Simply wash hair as usual and when its time to take it out weeks later simply unwrap the string. This has been an all time favorite for years especially for the ages of 8-12 at parties.



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